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Ofsted Registered Childminder:

Tracy Davies

Telephone: 07903 723422


Shrimpy’s Childcare

Ofsted Registered Childminder: Tracy Davies

Telephone: ?????


About Shrimpy’s Childcare 


Registered Child Minder: Tracy Davies 

Ofsted registered ‘Good’.

Paediatric First Aid Certificate

Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning


I am a member of the @Homechildcare Agency who provide me with professional training and support. I am also a member of the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY).

I have 10 years experience of working with children in a range of settings, particularly in mainstream schools with children who have special needs.

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and Parent Reviews. 


Childminding Assistant: Karen Stokes

Karen also works part-time at the Rowans Nursery at Michael House School, she has many years of experience working in an early years setting, with particular knowledge of Steiner Waldorf Early Years.

Open 7am until 7pm all year round and situated in Jacksdale, just by the garden centre which is 5 minutes from J27 of the M1.

We have a child centred approach and therefore activities are often led by the children, resources are then provided to suit individual needs and interests.

There is a big emphasis on outdoor play and exploring the natural world.

We make good use of nearby play parks and we are so lucky to have such a lovely nature reserve within easy walking distance. Here the children can learn about the seasons and experience all that nature has to offer. We are also just a short walk from the library where we make regular visits and the children are able to borrow books either to take home or to keep here.

In the school holidays we try to have at least 2 full days out per week where we visit Bolsover Castle, Newstead Abbey, Sherwood Pines, Rufford Park etc.

Quality Inspection feedback 27th June 2017


Tracy has a good understanding of the current level of learning for all the children in her care. She has clear expectations of where she needs to develop children’s learning and development and can explain how she plans to implement these developmental activities within her routines. Children are confident to seek Tracy out if they need her support and have formed strong attachments.

Tracy uses positive praise and encouragement to the children and uses herself to promote positive behaviour through her ability to be a positive role model. She provides healthy foods which she shares with the children to support and encourage health and self care routines.

Tracy demonstrates activities and language to help develop children’s understanding and speaking skills Tracy encourages children to explore their own environment independently, although she is always on hand to provide support if it is needed. Children are provided with choices to ensure they are beginning to make their own decisions and have their own ideas. Tracy is confident to allow the children to take the learning in the direction they would like to take it.


Reviews from Parents


Tracy has been a truly wonderful childminder, who consistently manages to balance everyone’s needs – not just my children’s, but those of the other children she minds, alongside my need for reassurance and flexibility!

The first time I left my children with Tracy, I was really pleased that she told me honestly how upset my 11 month old had been. Every time I’ve left either of my daughters with other people before, the feedback has been “oh, they were fine!” which was hard to believe! Tracy told me that my baby had cried about half a dozen times, for periods of less than two minutes. It strengthened the trust that my partner and I had placed in her.


She has also shown enthusiasm in making the transition for my daughters as easy as possible – she bought the same baby car seat that I use, to make car journeys easier. She has happily used cloth nappies and offered breastmilk in a cup to my baby. She sends pictures and updates promptly whenever requested, which has done wonders for my peace of mind!


Tracy has furthermore helped out when I’ve told her about problems that the children are having at home – when we shared our concerns with her about our older child’s diet, she introduced a low-pressure reward system for everyone who ate all their meals. I really feel like she has put in a lot of effort with my children, and knows them – their likes, dislikes, quirks – really well. I was dreading going back to work and leaving my children, and Tracy has made this a lot easier for me.


Tracy’s home has a wonderful outdoor space which both my children love. I think it’s amazing that the menu planning incorporates fruit and vegetables grown in her own garden.


For me, knowing what developmental stage my children are at isn’t particularly important – I know they’re healthy and happy and strong – but Tracy’s records and observations are detailed, and display good knowledge of both my children and of early childcare assessment guidelines. If I did have concerns, I’d feel very comfortable using Tracy’s notes to either reassure or as evidence when seeking further help.

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